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"Monkey Kid" is a 2D platformer developed for a Game Jam, centered around the theme, "What makes a hero?" This game introduces a unique gameplay mechanic where players acquire essential abilities from friendly non-player characters (NPCs) they encounter on their journey. To complete the game, players must learn how to climb from a helpful monkey NPC, using this newfound ability to reach the game's conclusion.

Tech: Unity
Genre: 2D platformer
Platform: PC
Team Size: 4


  • Implemented player mechanics that include walk, run, jump, and climb. Used sphere tracing to detect the vine trees to transfer the player's state to the Climb state.

  • Ability progression through interaction with friendly NPCs, which also transforms the Kid into a Monkey kid to visually represent the ability again.

  • Checkpoint and Respawn System: The player will be respawned by persisting the previous state (if the player was a monkey kid, they will be respawned as a monkey kid).

  • AI:

    • MonkeyAI grants an ability to the player and instructs how to use the ability through audio instruction.

    • RobotAI that kills players.

  • Moving platforms to enhance level design.

  • Instructions UI, which updates to show how to use the climbing ability once the ability is unlocked.

  • While I allowed the player to jump while climbing, I wanted to prevent the players from spamming the jump button. Hence, I implemented a cool-down system for jump action only when the player's state is climbing.

  • Set up player animation transitions.

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