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Dive into "No Strings Attached," a gripping thriller adventure-puzzle game where Pavo, a newly-crafted puppet, unveils the dark secrets within a struggling circus. Use puppet poses to navigate through mesmerizing circus acts, escaping the shadows that lurk beneath the big top. Unravel the mysteries, cut the strings, and rewrite Pavo's destiny in this captivating tale of puppetry and peril.

Tech: Unreal Engine, C++, Blueprints
Genre: Thriller, Adventure-puzzle
Platform: PC
Team Size: 13


  • Swing Mechanic:

    • Implemented a trapeze swing act with adaptable parameters for level designers, allowing adjustments to swing length and automatic derivation of input axis for intuitive control based on rotation, camera orientation, and player direction.

    • Designed and implemented in such a way that the players can control the swing just like how they control the player's movement. i.e., the input directions are dynamically derived from the camera's rotation and the player's forward direction, making the controls intuitive.

    • Ensured smooth velocity transfer between the player's body and the swing during attachment and detachment.

  • Zip-line:

    • Implemented a zipline feature for seamless traversal from high to low points, enhancing level design possibilities.

    • Automatically adjusted player rotation and location to the correct values before performing zip-line for a smooth transition into ziplining.

    • Dynamically adjusted zipline duration based on cable length between start and end points.

  • See-Saw: Implemented two see-saw versions—one driven by physics and another by simulation—for varied gameplay experiences.

simulated see-saw
  • Checkpoint system:

    • Implemented a checkpoint system to save player progress, including location, rotation to progress into the next area, and the camera angle for that area.

    • Saving the rotation helps spawn the player directed toward the next area in the level and avoids confusion.

    • Disabled collision post-checkpoint to prevent false saves, which can happen if the player falls by accident into a past-explored area.

  • Save and Load system: Developed a robust Save and Load system, enabling players to resume progress, retry sections from the previous checkpoint, or start a new game.

  • UI: Implemented UI screens, including the Main Menu, Loading screen, and Game Pause Menu, for an enhanced player experience.

  • Pose system: Utilized a pose system featuring six puppet poses (Arms-up, arms-down, arms-forward, left-arm up, right-arm up, and T-Pose) to simplify player interactions with environmental objects. For example, to swing, one must use an Arms-up pose and jump towards the swing.

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