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Trash Talk Alley is a prototype where players are exposed to clips of verbal harassment from real twitch streams and given the opportunity to fight back. With a pair of boxing gloves, our players punch their way through enemies spewing toxicity in VR in the "Dada" art style as a way to highlight just how ridiculous, horrible, and shameful the practice of verbal harassment is in video games - and that - while normalized - shouldn't be tolerated or accepted in our gaming communities.

Tech: Unity/C#
Genre: Serious Game
Platform: VR
Team Size: 5


I contributed to the project not only as an engineer but also as a game designer by designing the systems, the environment, and the levels.

Contributions include:

  • Set up the required project settings and packages for the game to be built onto Quest.

  • Configured XROrigin with the required settings to add player movement, rotation, and hand movement.

  • Implemented various scripts, including:

    • Speaking computer that dynamically reacts to player position and movement and plays different audios based on this information. (Example: encouraging player when the player speed is too less, instructions to the player)

    • Triggers for trash-talking mannequins.

    • HUD with trash talk paper pieces that get activated after the player pass each mannequin.

    • Punch functionality for the player.

    • Logic to shrink Trash Talkers (NPCs) in size after each hit and finally turn into a cube when they run out of health. When the NPC shrinks into a cube, the attached HUD trash paper pieces disappear.

  • Added art assets such as the hallway, textures, pillars, trash-talking mannequins, flickering lights, computer, cubemap, etc., into our game scenes as I was designing the level.

  • Added all the required inspector elements, such as colliders, rigid bodies, etc. to Art assets before using them in the game scenes.

  • Designing the systems, level, and the environment.

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