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The Wolf and the Moon:
Maybe the Wolf is in love with the Moon,

And the howls we hear every night,
Are maybe the Wolf crying for the Moon to come home to him.
Although he knows it's a love that can never be, That didn't stop the Wolf from trying.

We all have our own demons; they cling to us like shadows.
Calm as they may appear, they keep whispering in your ear.
Gone, you may think, but you'll only hear them when the world is silenced.
We fight them every day as the seconds pass by.
Try to chase them away, and you'll be failing all your life.
Try to open the door, and they'll fill you with darkness.
You can only learn to live above them.

Which is the true nightmare?
A terrifying dream that you experience in your sleep?
Or the inescapable reality that awaits you when you wake up?

Stories, everyone writing their own.

Battles, everyone fighting their own.

Memories, everyone making their own.

Footprints, everyone leaving their own.

Strangers turned friends:

Somewhere between "I have plans for the weekend" and "Let's plan for the weekend," they became friends.

While he left her for a few bitter fights, she clinched onto the magical moments that happened between them.

Through his words, the world sees an angelic portrait of her.

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